John and Matt's Boxy Booth-715.jpg

"Basically, Boxy Booth is a selfie stick on steroids."

Boxy Booth is a compact, traveling memory maker bringing good times to everyone

Boxy Booth packs a lot under the hood with its studio-quality lighting, wireless remote triggering, HD preview screen, and DSLR camera producing professional, high-resolution images. Basically, Boxy Booth is a selfie stick on steroids!!! You have the options of having our massive white seamless backdrop big enough for a crowd, or use a nearby wall to add a personal touch.

Guests take photos themselves using our wireless shutter remote, then view the photo just taken on a large 22" screen. We skip printing photos on-site because frankly, it takes too much time that you could spend taking more photos! All of the photos are later uploaded to our online gallery where you and your guests have free, unlimited downloads of full size images which are yours to share with the world.

Save money when booking Boxy Booth when you add it to our DJ Package for your wedding or event.