Ok, what exactly comes with CLUB WED?  

We can DJ on our basic DJ controller, or on full size turntables, just like Club DJs. There are some differences and similarities but lets start with the basics.


CLUB WED's Turntable Setup

Cool pictures, but what's the difference? 

This is the most common question we get. The first thing you'll probably notice is how significantly larger the Club Wed setup is compared to our standard setup so right from the start, Club Wed gives you a completely different aesthetic footprint.

THE MUSIC: One question we have often is, "are you just going to play music like a night club?" If that's the kind of music you want played at your wedding, then sure! That however is only the case once a year, so the answer is no. We still use all the music from your request form and preferred genre list, and other songs that are appropriate for the wide range of ages, and musical tastes that weddings require.

THE LOOKS: It's similar to hiring the 10 piece band versus the rock trio. They both can get the job done, but what you see clearly makes a statement to your guests. When we DJ on turntables, It's all hands on deck (That's a DJ joke). Seriously though, DJing on turntables using what is called DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) is a very tactical job and visually fun to watch. You'll get to see us work hard for you all night. What to see Club Wed in action? We have a video example below. 

THE SOUND: In general, there are subtleties as far as what the music sounds like to your (the audience/listeners) between the two options. However, there are many tricks, mixing technique, fun transitions, and on-the-fly remixes/mashups you can only do on two-turntables. It very much adds to the performance element of your reception without taking the spotlight away from the newlyweds. 

DO I WANT CLUB WED?: That comes down to a few things:

  • Are your guests dance addicts and love all kinds of music?
  • Are you planning on booking our larger PA & Dance lights?
  • Is the additional cost for Club Wed in your budget?
  • Would you dig seeing a DJ actually using turntables? 

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then YES! Club Wed is probably a great fit! Low key weddings are also a good fit, but make sure to take a look at our other enhancements and add-ons that might tickle your fancy as well. 


More details on Club Wed are coming soon! In the meantime, contact us today to ask us about this service.