Sydney & Adrian's Artful Wedding, Taubman Roanoke, Roanoke VA

Written by Lead Wedding DJ: David Verde

The Taubman, in my opinion, is one of the highlights to the Roanoke skyline. Yes, it hasn't been there as long as some of the other Roanoke staples, but it's glass walls and metal exterior is marvelous both from the outside, and particularly the inside. When you start thinking about what a wedding might look like in there, your imagination runs a free as likely many of the artists who work is collected and on display inside. With that, Sydney and Adrian's wedding was everything I imagined it could be and more once we started planning and then of course, came to set up for the day. 

The room was primed by Brad from Lighting Ninja's, Blue Ridge Catering, and florist Mark with Creative Occasions so we staged everything so we could quickly go from ceremony to reception. It's amazing how different the room looks between the two setups. 

Providing DJ services, Sydney and Adrian stepped things up by adding our Club Wed enhancement, so I was DJing on full-turntables all night. We also provided dance floor lighting, ceremony sound operation for the both the officiant and the live musician they had. Let's not forget the surprise guitar performance by Adrian singing to his new bride which we had planned a few weeks prior.  

It was a amazing evening! Thanks so much to Adrian and Sydney for allowing me to be apart of their wedding day and big thanks to everyone at the Taubman for their help making their venue accessible for setup and breakdown. Make sure you check out one of the amazing photos the talented Chris Jackson took during their wedding. 


VENUE: Taubman Museum
CATERING: Blue Ridge Catering
LIGHTING: Lighting Ninja
PHOTOGRAPHER: Chris Jackson Photography
FLORIST: Creative Occasions

NYE Wedding Night with the Burrow

Man, where to start. We don't like to play favorites, we spend hours communicating with all our wedding clients, endless emails, phone calls, in person meetings, video calls/faceTime. We get to know our brides and grooms pretty well however, some clients ask us to pull out every rabbit in our event production hat we have to help make their dream wedding come to fruition. This is also known as our "Bespoke Booking" option when our prebuilt packages just won't fit your true wants for your wedding day and you need a completely custom experience. This was the case for Elizabeth and Brandon Burrow and their amazing New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, VA. 

Elizabeth and Brandon knew what they wanted, and all I really had to do is let them know how I could fit into their ideas. I really think things clicked between us all when the then, bride to be said, "we want you to DJ on your turntables and after 10pm, we want the place to turn into a night club and you can just do your thing." I mean, Club Wed is one of my speciality and something exclusive to DV-E, but being given almost a green light to have complete creative freedom DJing in a night-club format at a wedding was one of the greatest gifts a client could give me/us. 

So what did we actually end off providing for Brandon and Elizabeths wedding? Basically everything we offer. I was DJing our Club Wed option, we provided a expanded Dance lights package with custom programed light show to change the mood throughout the night, we made custom video visuals and a custom countdown clock for the ball drop, room up lighting, Full range room sound, a custom DJ table. We brought EVERYTHING!

I have to be clear, we were just one piece of the puzzle and cannot take that much credit for how successful the night was. The team of vendors put together by the Burrows were top notch and I couldn't have asked for a better group of event professionals to work with and spend my New Years Eve with. I'll list them below, but here are a few photos from that night to show you the amazing design work in a already amazing venue that I just helped complement.

I could gush for days, but I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. We took a few pre-event photos, all the action photos can be credited to the ever talented Tracie Hoprich of Tracie Hoprich Photography. Special thanks to her and the bride and groom for letting me share those photos here on the DV-E blog. Before I share the photos below, thanks again to Elizabeth and Brandon for letting us be apart of such a amazing night!


Thomas & Jessica's roof top Wedding

You know its going to be a good time when we come ready to party with the DV-E's exclusive, "CLUB WED." It was a amazing night that the rain couldn't ruin, with friends and family from all over the country there to help celebrate Jessy and "Jeter's" wedding uptime the Center in the Square roof top in beautiful downtown Roanoke. #HappilyeverJeter!!! 

You can check out even more great photos from our friends at Swell Booth and the ever talented Jared Ladia. Those links are below our equally as awesome iPhone photos ;-). 

VENUE: Center in the Square
CATERING: Mission BBQ, Roanoke
PHOTOBOOTH: Swell Booth Photobooth Co. 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jared Ladia Photography