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Mike & Melissa's Penthouse Wedding, The Penthouse at Center in the Square, Roanoke VA

There is something wonderful about being near the top of the skyline in the start city. People unknowingly going about their day down on the street while two come together to celebrate their first day together as husband and wife. That is how the day went for Melissa and Mike and their wedding at Center in the Square (now known as The Penthouse) in downtown Roanoke. We had a magically time with dancing, and clear skies, all to the backdrop of mountains and the city center, it was, magical.

Congrats again Mike & Melissa

Garrett & Lacey's City Market Wedding, Charter Hall at the Roanoke City Market Building, Roanoke VA

We arrived to the city market in downtown Roanoke, quite excited for two reasons. 1, we got to finally work in the amazing Charter Hall, a space that always seems to avad us, and 2, we got to DJ Garrett and Lacey’s amazing fall wedding. One of the amazing things about Charter Hall is how easily is is completely transformed with some lighting, so we were enlisted by the now newly weds to do some LED uplighting installs and design to help bring all the decor touches together that they put together to decorate each table and the room itself. Started the room first laid out for their ceremony, the wedding party and their guests headed downstairs to the main market level for cocktail hour, while our team and the rest of the amazing vendors helped completely flip the room into their reception. Bonus points for one of our favorite humans and florists, Mark Frye from Creative Occasions handling all the stunning floral arrangements. Once all the guests returned, they finished dinner and kicked off the party with dancing, dancing, and more dancing, which we brought out our largest PA system to help fill that room with some party-worthy sound. It was a smashing good time.

We can’t thank Garrett and Lacey for trusting us for their wedding night and wish them the happiest first year of marriage. Congrats!


VENUE: Charter Hall at the Roanoke City Market Building
PHOTOGRAPHER: Chelsea Anderson
FLORIST: Mark Frye
CAKE:  Cindy Gardner
CATERING: Darla Meherkins
HAIR/MAKEUP:  Rachel Spence
DRESS/TUXESMen’s Warehouse and Davids Bridal

Sydney & Adrian's Artful Wedding, Taubman Roanoke, Roanoke VA

Written by Lead Wedding DJ: David Verde

The Taubman, in my opinion, is one of the highlights to the Roanoke skyline. Yes, it hasn't been there as long as some of the other Roanoke staples, but it's glass walls and metal exterior is marvelous both from the outside, and particularly the inside. When you start thinking about what a wedding might look like in there, your imagination runs a free as likely many of the artists who work is collected and on display inside. With that, Sydney and Adrian's wedding was everything I imagined it could be and more once we started planning and then of course, came to set up for the day. 

The room was primed by Brad from Lighting Ninja's, Blue Ridge Catering, and florist Mark with Creative Occasions so we staged everything so we could quickly go from ceremony to reception. It's amazing how different the room looks between the two setups. 

Providing DJ services, Sydney and Adrian stepped things up by adding our Club Wed enhancement, so I was DJing on full-turntables all night. We also provided dance floor lighting, ceremony sound operation for the both the officiant and the live musician they had. Let's not forget the surprise guitar performance by Adrian singing to his new bride which we had planned a few weeks prior.  

It was a amazing evening! Thanks so much to Adrian and Sydney for allowing me to be apart of their wedding day and big thanks to everyone at the Taubman for their help making their venue accessible for setup and breakdown. Make sure you check out one of the amazing photos the talented Chris Jackson took during their wedding. 


VENUE: Taubman Museum
CATERING: Blue Ridge Catering
LIGHTING: Lighting Ninja
PHOTOGRAPHER: Chris Jackson Photography
FLORIST: Creative Occasions

Johathan & Stacy's Spring time Wedding, Braeloch at Boxtree Lodge, Vinton, VA

Johathan and Stacy kicked off our wedding season with the first wedding of the year, and they couldn't have had a more amazing event. We provided the sound, DJing, and ceremony audio where the bride and groom chose likely one of the best acoustic renditions of the main theme song from Jurassic Park. With amazing family made Asian dishes, to the sunset over looking nearby downtown Roanoke, to the beautiful venue of Braeloch. This wedding was such a great start to the year. 

SOUND & LIGHTING: DV Entertainment 
VENUE: Braeloch at Boxtree Lodge
CATERING: Providing by Bride and Groom

Allison & Seth's Transportation Museum wedding, Roanoke, VA

Our team tried to play it cool during the booking process, however once Allison & Seth decided to have DV Entertainment DJ their wedding reception at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, we then felt safe to completely geek out on how childishly excited we were to be working for them in the auto display room. The transportation museum in Roanoke is one of those venues that will always be amazing to walk into. You are literally in the company of man man giants like steam locomotive 611, and 1218. Lets not overlook the awesomeness that was happening in the reception area, where guests stat to dine beside an array of automobiles from our past, and yes, even a DeLorean

Although our setup was simple, we added a bit of color pop the the back wall and Goodyear sign behind the DJ table, and keep the party jumping all night long. We can't thank Allison and Seth enough for letting us be apart of their wedding day, it was defiantly a memorable night. 

Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 1
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 2
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 3
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 5
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 6
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 7
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 81
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 9
Roanoke Weddings DV Entertainment DJ services Virginia Museum of Transportation 10

CEREMONY LOCATION: Greene Memorial United Methodist Church
CATERING: Plantation Creations
VENUE: Virginia Museum of Transportation 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Brooke Leonard


Tosha & Tony's Mountain Lake Wedding, Pembroke, VA

Tosha & Tony's wedding day was set at the infamous Dirty Dancing film location of Mountain Lake in Pembroke, VA. I've worked many events at Mountain Lake and I'm not sure I've ever seen the barn so transformed as I did this time. The rain might have changed a few things, but it didn't stop everyone from celebrating with the newly weds and taking the party well into the night! 

Nick and Lacey's Apple Orchard Wedding, Pembroke, VA

Nick and Lacey's wedding took place on a absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon in Pembroke, VA at the stunning Doe Creek Farm. They had several generations of Hokies in attendance and everyone was there to have the best of times celebrating Nick and Lacey's wedding day. 

VENUE - Doe Creek Farm

Anthony & Zach's Radford Wedding!

What a fun spring day we had for Anthony and Zach's wedding day at the beautiful Nesselrod on the New in Radford VA back in April. Not even the rain couldn't stop this celebration from happening. Check out a short video from Anthony and Zach's big day.