"Headphone Disco IS the biggest 'silent party' people around, performing their unique 'TwoDeejaySuperShow' to enthusiastic crowds around the world."

Each show involves arming clubbers with their own set of wireless two-channel headphones, switching off the sound-system and having two DJs spin two completely different sets side-by-side from Headphone Disco's visually-enhanced stage set-up.

Headphone Disco is the original, the innovator, and the company to contact if you want to know anything about the silent disco concept. Since February 2007, they have been around the globe dropping their silent madness everywhere from world-renowned festivals like Creamfields (UK), Digital Dreams (Canada), and Firefly Festival (USA) to club tours of Western Canada and from 12 week residencies at Spiegelworld NYC to the Bayimba International festival in Uganda. We've put a few videos to see for yourself what its like to be at a Headphone Disco party, then you can contact us to experience it first hand.

For more information about booking a Headphone Disco, e-mail us or visit Headphone Disco's main website.


* DV Entertainment is a affiliate base for Headphone Disco. Event booking, rates, and contracting is set forth and handled separately by Headphone Disco.